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1. Sociable Plugin


Use this awesome plugin to automatically add links below posts to popularize it on social bookmarking websites like Digg, Technorati, StumbleUpon, Facebook, etc. The admin panel allows you to choose any number of social sites from around 100 listed networking sites!


The plugin gives you a choice to decide on pages where you wish the social sites icons to be shown. You can keep it on full-posts, static pages and even in the RSS feed. The plugin is showcased as a “share and enjoy” badge just after the post.

2. ShareThis Plugin


As the name says, you may use this plugin to allow the visitors to share a post on your blog to several social bookmarking websites. They can also send your post to friends and their peers via email! This plugin is a good option if you’re looking for an option to track sharing statistics.

sharethis It is by far one of the most widely used sharing or bookmarking plugin across a plethora of blogs in the blog-O-sphere.

3. Social Bookmarks Plugin


This is yet another WP plugin which adds an array of XHTML compliant social bookmarking graphic links at the end of blog posts, allowing your visitors to submit them with ease to a number of different social bookmarking websites.


The plugin can be customized from within the WordPress admin panel. The plugin uses a stylesheet named social_bookmarks.css which can be modified to integrate it further with your theme.

4. Twitter Tools


Micro-blogging is in! Thanks to services like Twitter and Tumblr which have caught a lot of attention for people who wish to write things short and fast and wish it to spread far and wide. This plugin generates a tweet on your twitter account whenever you happen to publish a new post. If you are atwitter freak and do most of the writing on twitter, you can use this plugin to show recent twitter updates in the sidebar of your blog. Now that’s cool!

5. WP Conditional Digg This Badge plugin

Digg is something as obvious to a profit blogger as a router is to a network engineer! Out of several Digg plugins I have come across and tested, WP Conditional Digg This Badge plugin happens to be my favorite! This plugin has the intelligence of checking for a predefined number of Diggs (default is 10) before showing the “Digg This” button. Now that makes some sense to me and to your blog visitors too, I am sure. However, there have been reportedly some issues with WP 2.5 and above. This plugin is based on open source paradigm and shall soon be upgraded by someone or the other, if not the author.

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